IoT and ICS

Security is now the hottest topic in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS), we might in fact want to call it generally the ‘Insecurity of Things’.

IoT and ICS can be seen as nothing more than remotely monitoring and controlling computer driven devices. The only difference is the scale of the operation. ICS is usually related to the control of industrial plants, whereas IoT generally refers to the more domestic applications of wearable technologies and household devices such as fridges.

Keeping IoT and ICS safe from attack

For both IoT and ICS the security principles are the same, we need to protect the data for confidentiality, we need to ensure that the data in not changed without detection and we need to authenticate the corresponding parties so that their data can be trusted.

IoT and ICS are security related connected intelligences

IOT Global One


IoT represents a world of computing device which are network connected and are monitored and/or controlled by other networked computing devices

IOT Global two


ICS systems remotely monitor and control machinery and associated devices in industrial environments.

IoT is much newer and in many cases was not designed with security in mind. Unfortunately security is a pervasive attribute and cannot just be bolted on afterwards. ICS is a much more established technology that was generally built with security in mind. The problem here is that many of these systems are quite old and based on legacy components which are not necessarily easy to upgrade as seen recently with the NHS with the WannaCry ransom attack.

IOT Blue


  • Fitness bands
  • Children’s toys
  • Home and health devices
  • Household appliances
ICS Chemical


  • Utility companies
  • Industrial plants
  • Chemical plants
  • Robot Manufacturing
  • Hospital Medical Equipment

It doesn’t take much imagination to realise the damage that could result from a cyber-attack to any of these systems. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the damage that can be done when these systems are attacked. Your very personal information may be stolen, your household internet system may be breached and whole industrial plants may be brought to a grinding halt.

At Microexpert, we specialise in the cryptographic security of control systems. We can show you how to incorporate the best security practises in your systems by providing solutions for:

We use agile development techniques for embedded cryptographic systems in the following hardware devices:

  • Hardware Security Modules (HSMs)
  • Secure Elements (SE)
  • Smart cards and secure MicroSD cards
  • Cryptographic tokens
  • Mobile devices

We will listen to your requirements and advise you on the best way to go. We can also design and develop solutions for both proof of concept and production to match your needs.


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